Low Carb Beer

How a happy accident led to a full-flavoured, low-carb beer.

Close-up photo of cans of Hahn SuperDry and SuperDry 3.5 being used for a toast

How Many Carbs In Beer?

The Hahn Brewers select only the best quality ingredients to brew our premium beer. We select the finest hops, water, yeast and malted barley, which is mostly made up of carbs. But how, we hear you shout, does Hahn SuperDry and Hahn SuperDry 3.5 have only 0.7% carbs, less than a third of the carbohydrates of standard beer? Grab a frosty one, sit back and enjoy the story of The Happy Accident.

The Happy Accident

When the original Hahn brewers got together to brew a better beer for the modern Australian drinker, they were aiming for a distinctive, crisper taste. They brewed the beer for longer and hey presto – that unmistakably crisp, dry flavour was achieved. What they didn’t realise was that the beer had become low carb in the process.

So how does a beer magically become low carb, when carbohydrate is an essential ingredient? It’s all about the yeast. Ours has a hearty appetite for the carbs in our brew and during our extremely long brewing process – it goes to town and converts almost all the sugar into alcohol, meaning there are less carbs in the beer you drink.

It isn’t magic. It’s quality natural ingredients brewed for longer that makes Hahn SuperDry and Hahn SuperDry 3.5 low in carbs but full in flavour. So the next time someone tries to claim that beer piles on the pounds – tell them the story of The Happy Accident as you confidently enjoy your ice-cold Hahn. In moderation, of course.

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Close-up photo of cans of Hahn SuperDry and SuperDry 3.5 being used for a toast