A frosty bottle and can of Hahn SuperDry 3.5 low carb beer sitting side by side
Low Carb Beer

Hahn SuperDry 3.5%

Hahn SuperDry 3.5 takes slow brewing to the extreme, much like our full-strength original lager. It also has the same full-flavoured, unmistakable crisp dry taste. So what’s the difference between the two? The alcohol content, which in Hahn SuperDry 3.5 is – you guessed it – 3.5%. What we lacked in imagination when it came to the name, we really made up for in taste.

Carbs per 330mL
Available in:
Bottle 330mLCan 375mL
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How Many Calories In Hahn Superdry 3.5?

The calorie content of beer is different from brand to brand, but when it comes to our mid-strength Hahn SuperDry 3.5, not only is it lower in alcohol, it’s also low in calories too – in fact only 78 calories per serve. So the next time you catch up with mates to watch your NBA team fight for the playoffs, or cheer Australia on in the soccer, reach for a Hahn SuperDry 3.5 so you can focus on the score and not the calories in your beer.

And if thinking about calories has made you wonder, “How many carbs in beer?” we’re happy to let you know that Hahn SuperDry 3.5 has just 0.7% carbs. So keeping an eye on your calories and carbs is easy, without sacrificing the full-flavoured taste you love.

Is Hahn Superdry 3.5 A Sugar Free Beer?

At Hahn, we’re passionate about combining top ingredients with modern technology to brew our beers. We want to share this passion and give you all the information you need to make a more-informed decision about the beer you drink.

The Beautiful Truth About Hahn Superdry 3.5

That’s why we’ve listed all the nutritional information – such as sugar content – on our label. To find out how Hahn SuperDry 3.5 can be 99.9% sugar free and other surprising facts (here’s one – it’s a preservative free beer!), visit our friends at Beer The Beautiful Truth.

2.2g Carbs
78 Cals
99.9% Sugar Free
Preservative Free

Nutritional Information

Nutrition facts are based on average quantities as set out in nutrition information panel.

Serving Per Pack 1      Serving Size (330mL)

Avg. Quantity Per
Energy (kilojoules)
326 kJ
99 kJ
78 CAL
24 CAL
Fat, total
Dietary Fibre
An esky full of ice and Hahn SuperDry and SuperDry 3.5 cans

More Beers. Less Carbs. How Good.

More Beers. Less Carbs. How Good.

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