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Low Carb Beer

Hahn SuperDry

Our original low carb beer.

Hahn SuperDry is our original beer, brewed with the best modern techniques using the finest ingredients for a very long time. A painfully long time, some might say. But that’s what brings out its unmistakable crisp and dry taste, so no complaints here.

A preservative-free beer and with fewer carbohydrates, Hahn SuperDry is the delicious result of four friends who had the passion and thirst for adventure to brew a better-tasting beer 20 years ago.

Available in:
Bottle 330mLCan 330mL
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How many carbs in Hahn SuperDry?

Hahn SuperDry contains just 2.2g carbs per serve

Different beers have different carbohydrate content, but the good news for beer lovers is that Hahn SuperDry is a great low-carb option with 70% less carbs than regular beer. With just 0.7% carbs per 100ml, whether you’re working up a sweat cycling to work, going for a run with mates, or just looking for a great tasting low carb beer, Hahn SuperDry is an ideal choice as part of a balanced, active lifestyle.

How Much Sugar In Hahn Superdry?

Hahn Superdry Is 99.9% Sugar-free

Breaking news, aussies love their beer. They love it on A night out with mates, they love it brewed at home and they especially love talking about it – even if it’s to themselves. Here at hahn, we feel the same way and so when people started asking us things like, ‘what’s in this beer?’ And ‘what kind of wizardry is this low-carb brew?’ We were happy to have A chat.

The Beautiful Truth About Hahn SuperDry

We’ve hooked up with beer the beautiful truth, which is all about letting aussies know what’s in their beer, like sugar content and carbohydrate. Check out the table below for more information on hahn superdry and visit beer the beautiful truth to get the facts on your favourite beers. Then the next time someone tries to claim beer is more fattening than wine, you’ll have A comeback.

2.2g Carbs
99 Cals
99.9% Sugar Free
Preservative Free

Nutritional Information

Nutrition facts are based on average quantities as set out in nutrition information panel.

Serving Per Pack 1      Serving Size (330mL)

Avg. Quantity Per
Energy (kilojoules)
415 kJ
126 kJ
99 CAL
30 CAL
Fat, total
Dietary Fibre
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More Beers. Less Carbs. How Good.

More Beers. Less Carbs. How Good.

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