Hahn beers have a range of zero carb*, low carb, low calorie and low alcohol content to choose for all occasions. Discover the nutritional content of Hahn beers.

Four friends enjoying a meal and drinking Hahn SuperDry

Zero Carb* Beer

Hahn Ultra – a beer with zero carbs* and zero compromises.

Low carb beers have rocketed in popularity for those who want that delicious beer taste without all the unnecessary calories. Hahn Ultra Zero Carb* is the perfection of that promise. It’s full-flavour, full-strength, and zero carb*. The perfect beer to enjoy with your mates after 90 minutes, 5 sets or 18 holes. In fact, it’s so good that AFL legend Buddy Franklin has chosen it to help him kick carbs without giving up beers.

*0.5g carbohydrates per bottle serve

Close-up photo of cans of Hahn SuperDry and SuperDry 3.5 being used for a toast

Low Carb Beer

How a happy accident led to a full-flavoured, low-carb beer.

What’s in our premium low carb beer? The finest quality ingredients, brewed using modern technology, for an extremely long time. We never settle for anything but the best hops, water, yeast and malted barley. Speaking of malted barley, did you know it’s mostly made up of carbs? It’s true. So how does such a low carb beer have such a high carb ingredient? You’ve just stumbled upon the story of The Happy Accident.

Calories in beer

Hahn SuperDry – less calories than you might think.

The human body needs energy to survive and fuel everyday body processes, and the food and drink we consume provides these calories. Hahn beers are no exception! If enjoyed responsibly and in moderation, beer can be consumed as part of a balanced diet and active lifestyle. True story.

An esky full of ice, bottles and cans of Hahn SuperDry and SuperDry 3.5
Friends toasting with bottles and cans of Hahn beer

Forget preservatives

Let’s leave preservatives for fast-food and table condiments.

All our beers are preservative free. We don’t add a single substance during the brewing process that gives our beers a longer shelf-life. It isn’t because our beers don’t stay on the shelves for long, it’s because the ingredients we use are natural preservatives themselves. Plus our modern packaging technology keeps all the nasties out. Adding preservatives just isn’t necessary at the Hahn Brewery.

Gluten free beer

Hahn SuperDry GF is a revolution in beer

Gluten free beer? Who would have thought our quest to create a cleaner, crisper tasting beer would have taken us down a path no-one has travelled, but here we are – and we’re proud of it. It took over five years of experimentation and refinement to perfect the brew, which uses 100% rice instead of the standard wheat or barley, resulting in a gluten free beer unlike any other. Hahn SuperDry GF was certainly worth the wait.

An esky full of ice and bottles of Hahn SuperDry GF Gluten Free beer

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Close-up photo of cans of Hahn SuperDry and SuperDry 3.5 being used for a toast

*0.5g carbohydrates per bottle serve